Science Fiction White Punk Trash Heaven 

[Edmundsson, Fäldt, Gerwers, Hallberg, Magnusson, Renström, Turner]

The New Gospel (Of Growth and Perfection)*

[Magnusson, Gerwers]

The Pyramid Spell

[Nik Turner]

Dream Worker 

[Harvey Bainbridge]

Dark Theatre**

[Magnusson, Gerwers]

The New Desert

[Magnusson, Gerwers]

 Klas Edmundsson - Guitar 

 Jonas Fäldt - Drums

 Knut Gerwers - Declamation and Vocals

 Jonas Hallberg - Bass and Vocals 

 Kenneth Magnusson - Keyboards and Guitar 

 Nik Turner - Sax, Flute and Vocals 


 Klas Edmundsson - Guitar 

 Jonas Fäldt - Percussion

 Knut Gerwers - Declamation

 Kenneth Magnusson - Keyboards 

 Stefan Renström - Bass 


 Knut Gerwers - Declamation

 Kenneth Magnusson - Keyboards and Guitar

 Rikard Wadman - Soprano Saxophone


 Main bulk of this album was recorded at the Schwimmbad Club in Heidelberg, Germany in May 1999 by this motley crew of the Sturm und Drang Tour. Vocals on

 these songs are from the Heidelberg gig. * and ** recorded at Pekoralfabriken in Falköping, Sweden from 2010 to 2016.

 The show live sound engineered by Johannes Krämer and was recorded by Daniel Andersson.

 Mixed by Kenneth Magnusson.

 Tour management Sabine Truntzer from Open Minds Roadrunner.

 Cover is a detail from Scherzo di Follia by Pierre-Louis Pierson featuring Countess Virginia Oldoini Verasis di Castiglione  and graphically designed by Anders


 The album was released at streaming services 27/12 -2019.