Tickets released


Tickets available for the Stefan Renström Tribute show here


We have created a Facebook event here.

Please share and invite people as much as possible.


The Moor's line up is so far Klas Edmundsson, Jonas Fäldt, David Magnusson and Kenneth Magnusson but we will add more artists/musicians as the set develops.


A concert for a friend


A concert featuring Stefan's band Simon Says and The Moor will take place at Musikens Hus in Gothenburg, Sweden, at the 17th of September, 2016.

While plans are a bit scarce at the moment I think it's safe to say that Simon Says probably will be the main event but we will do our best to hold our ground and to make Stefan proud. Ticket sales date will be announced soon.

A beautiful but sad day


Today Stefan was laid to rest and thus our lifes have to continue without our friend. The Moor have every intention to honour the work Stefan has done with us and planned with us. The songs he have played on will be mixed and those songs which lacks his bass will be recorded with some of his friends playing the bass. After the songs are completed we will try to find a way to release the songs in an acceptable format. Even though I know Stefan would have thought differently it is difficult to see a continuation of The Moor beyond that. . . but that is in the future which is cruel and unpredictable.


Fare well, friend.

The Moor's bassist Stefan Renström dead


We are saddened by the news that our bassist and beloved friend Stefan has died. 

Stefan's death was unexpected and leaves us, the band and friends, in shock and sorrow.

Our loss is foremost personal but also musically it is a severe blow. Stefan was a formidable bassist, arranger and composer and mastered tones as well as lyrics in The Moor and in his own band Simon Says.


Our deepest condolences to his wife Ingela and children Saga and Ellen. Our thoughts are with You in this difficult time.


Suddenly You were gone. . . 


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